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The two faculty members, Associate Professor Yasuo Iida and Senior Assistant Professor Tomoki Inoue, are in charge of lectures for courses such as Introduction to Statistics, Medical Statistics, and Practical Epidemiology. Our research interests are as follows:
Yasuo Iida : I study function spaces of holomorphic functions on the unit disk or upper half plane, especially Smirnov class, Privalov space, Hardy spaces, etc. Most of my work concerns isometries on these spaces. I have been interested in multiplicative (but not necessarily linear) isometries lately.
Tomoki Inoue:Based on my experience as a high school teacher, I work on the development of new ideas for teaching materials and tools to help students be more familiarized with mathematics. My current research topics are differential geometry and graph theory in topology.

Contact Information

TEL: / FAX: / Email: math@kanazawa-med.ac.jp


Associate Professor

  • IDA Yasuo

Senior Assistant Professor

  • INOUE Tomoki

Research Achievements

Research Activities

  • Iida Y. and Kasuga K., Multiplicative isometries on classes Mp(X) of holomorphic functions, J. Funct. Sp., vol.2015, 5 pages, (2015) (Article ID: 598538)
  • Iida Y. and Kasuga K., Multiplicative isometries on some F-algebras of holomorphic functions, J. Funct. Sp. Appl., vol.2013, 3 pages, (2013) (Article ID: 681637)
  • Hatori O., Iida Y., Stevic S. and Ueki S., Multiplicative isometries on F-algebras of holomorphic functions, Abstract and Applied Analysis, vol.2012, 16 pages, (2012) (Article ID: 125987)
  • Hatori O. and Iida Y., Multiplicative isometries on the Smirnov class, Cent. Eur. J. Math., vol.9 (5), 1051-1056, (2011)
  • Iida Y., On an F-algebra of holomorphic functions on the upper half plane, Hokkaido Math. J., vol.35, 487-495, (2006)